Genesis Impact

Secular museum docent (Reggie McGuire) presents his best case for evolution at the natural history museum, but little does he know that Christina (Hannah Bradley) has a few questions at the end of his talk that turn the tables… Christina’s questions dismantle evolution and her meek yet powerful presentation of the Bible’s account of origins awaken many to the truth. The Genesis Impact film is ideal for Christians who want to learn how to dismantle the leading “evidences” for evolution that are displayed in natural history museums and understand how to view secular museums through a Biblical perspective.

See www.genesisimpact.com for technical videos and a book that supports this movie.

Genesis Impact

Millions of people visit natural history museums every year. These museums present origins and history through a single viewpoint: evolution over millions of years. But the Bible tells a different story: An Almighty Creator who recently spoke creation into existence, created animals after their kinds and Adam and Eve to rule over them. Do these museums really make better sense of the fossils from the past? Or, does the Bible’s account of Creation, the Fall, and the Flood fit the evidence better? This video evaluates the leading evidences that are presented in these museums from both a biblical and scientific perspective: the Human-Chimp 99% Myth, key ape-to-human icons like Ardipithecus ramidus, “Lucy” the Australopithecus, Homo habilis, Neanderthals, the Human Family “Tree,” Darwin’s Finches, the fossil record and transitional forms, Continental drift and Pangea, Dinosaurs, and deep time based on radiometric dating.

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Men and Ladies of Honor

Doña Marina and Cortés’, Marina bore Cortés’ a son, Martín the first mixed-blood Mexican.

Emma could trace her family heritage back to Doña Marina and Cortés’. A golden necklace was given to Marina by Cortés’ and remained in Emma’s family. Emma’s family through the decades was responsible for the building of the San Gabriel mission and the San Gabriel Village.

This novel is about the struggle of men and ladies of honor. How honorable men and ladies become role models to others and how this honor affects the lives of many. It will take you back in time when life, family, friends, and honor meant everything. You will see through the eyes of those who had everything to lose, nothing to gain, and remained steadfast in their commitment to doing the right thing for the village and its people over many years.

The story takes place mostly in a small village in Mexico, where everyone struggled just to survive. You will find even in a small village; that hidden treasures can be discovered, as well as evil situations try to take it all away. An Old Catholic Mission in the village where the town people gather upholding their beliefs and traditions. They will witness how this Mission becomes a big part of the success of the village and its people.

Drug lords and evil try to take over the village and its people and the significant battles that take place.

A major forest fire almost destroys the village and most of the surrounding villages. Men and women of the village risk their lives to save their village. The President of Mexico honors the Judge for his success. The Judge kept the village simple, and he would not let progress overrun the village. How Mexicans that left the village return because of the success of their village.

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Shame On You Walmart

Do not buy a Straight Talk cell phone from Walmart. Straight Talk and Walmart are ripping Straight Talk cell phone buyers off.

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This is why straight talk is cheating their customers and Walmart knows about it. Shame on you Walmart

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