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Amazon Buyers Beware. Returning An Item For A Refund._Amazon does not Refund they Apply. The word Refund should be replaced with the word Apply. Amazon will Apply your Refund to your next purchase. You will see the phrase Refund a lot when you’ve returned a package. This is misleading. Your Refund is Not Refunded. It’s Applied._The products Amazon sells are great. I would not recommend dealing with Amazon. Amazon’s customer service is lousy. Amazon’s shipping and packing are awful._From now on, I will be going directly to the seller’s website. And buying directly from the seller._I know Amazon is going to try to spin this. My question to Amazon is, who wants to pay interest on $85.00 on their credit card so they can have $85.00 credit on Amazon? ~ Norman L. Bliss at n.l.bliss@gmail.com